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James' Story

James was living in Crestone, Colorado at the time of his disapperance. He was co-owner of a natural foods restaurant/cooperative. He loved Crestone because of its beauty and spiritual diversity. He enjoyed the outdoors immensely.

On advice from a friend, James enrolled in a seminar put on by Landmark Education, called Landmark Forum. He attended the weekend long event July 24-25 2004, in Denver.

James called me (his sister Laura) immediately after the seminar to share his experience. He acted very strangely on the phone, he had a range of emotions from giddy and excited to sad and crying. I had never heard him like this and became worried for his well-being. He said things like, "Do you realize we create our own reality, do you know what this means?" He urged me to look into Landmark Forum and attend one myself. We ended the conversation with 'I love yous' and I told him to call soon. This was the last time I heard his voice.

According to James' friends, he had odd behavior after the Landmark Forum. He did strange things such as abandon his vehicle 20 miles outside of Crestone. It contained all of his hiking and camping gear. He left the keys in it and hitch-hiked back to town. He had shoulder-length hair before the forum, he shaved his head aftewards. You can see from his picture on the front page that he also had piercings, he took out all of his jewelry after the seminar. His friends described him as being "scattered and ungrounded".

On July 30th, the day of his disappearance, he asked a friend to drive him to a trailhead so he could go for a hike and get his thoughts straight. His friend did the favor, and drove back to town. Within 30 minutes, James showed up barefoot and confused. His friend asked him if he was okay, James said "No." He said he was having a difficult time telling reality from illusion. He then walked off into the woods, alone.

The friends contacted the the Saguache County Sheriff's Department August 3. Land and air searches were conducted on August 5th in the mountain ranges east of Crestone. August 10th, a tracking dog from Delores County was brought in to cover the same areas, but no trace of James was found.

There were unconfirmed sightings in the towns of Alamosa, Salida, and Poncha Springs in the fall and winter of 2004.

James Brian Rowe is 28, 6 feet tall, weighs 140 lbs., with dark brown, wavy hair, and dark blue/hazel eyes. His most identifying feature is his ear piercing, gauged ears, approx. 3/4'' disks.

Help us bring him home!!

James grew up in Rutland, Vermont, where our mother still resides.

Our family is not happy with Landmark Education, to say the least. Some people view this organization as a cult. You can read more about Landmark on Rick Ross' Website.